Class Descriptions

At Ratio Cycling, each class session is high on intensity and low on intimidation, designed to boost fitness and wellbeing as well as foster a sense of community. Our friendly, inspirational instructors will ensure you remain engaged for the duration of your ride or workout. Questions? Please let us know!

Ratio Ride

[45 MIN]

A 45-min high-intensity workout for all levels of indoor cyclists. Depending on the  instructor, class structure will focus on endurance, power or fundamentals and hand weights may be incorporated.

Ratio Ride + Build

[60 min]

A 60-min high-intensity workout for all levels of indoor cyclists. Depending on the day, time & instructor, the class structure will focus on endurance, strength or fundamentals. This class will target the entire body by incorporating hand weights interspersed with the ride portion.

HIIT + Grit

[45 min]

Your coach will lead you through a 30-minute high-intensity Ratio Ride followed by 15-minutes of strength training off the bike. This class will target everything from your guns to your glutes by incorporating hand weights and resistance bands. All levels welcome!

Ratio HIIT + Run

[45 MIN]

A 45-min high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session: Hyper-defined time tables comprised of sprints, hill climbs and more sprints. Specially designed to manipulate your heart-rate, accelerate caloraic burn and level you up. Interval-based circuits are all you will need to to hit very real results. We’ll handle the stopwatch and the music,: you show up and go all out.

Ratio Immersive Video Ride

[45 min]

Ratio Immersive Video Ride brings gamification into the cycling arena. This 45-minute guided virtual experience allows you to explore animated worlds during your workout! You have to try it to believe it! A 45-min ride for all levels of indoor cyclists. Class structure will vary to focus on endurance, strength and/or fundamentals. Theme rides are frequent so be sure to follow our Instagram feed for updates!