It's time to RIDE TRUE.

Finding balance in a world of constant flux is challenging. To that end, our goal is to create a space where the individual can join others in their quest for harmony and peak health. We aim to achieve this by offering cycling programming with state-of-the-art equipment for all fitness levels by targeting cardiovascular improvement, physical strength and untapped potential for athleticism.


Our intimate facilities can host up to 16 riders per class. We provide private changing area, towels, water (for purchase or bring your own bottle and fill up on filtered water), and cycling shoes (optional – you can use athletic shoes, is you prefer). Our friendly staff is here to help you get acclimated to the equipment and ensure your comfort and safety. For early risers, you provide the commuter mug and we provide fresh, hot coffee to get you going after your morning class!


Ratio Ride [45 MIN]

RATIO RIDE: A 45-min high-intensity workout for all levels of indoor cyclists. Depending on the  instructor, class structure will focus on endurance, power or fundamentals and hand weights may be incorporated.

Ratio Ride + Build [60 min]

A 60-min high-intensity workout for all levels of indoor cyclists. Depending on the day, time & instructor, the class structure will focus on endurance, strength or fundamentals. This class will target the entire body by incorporating hand weights interspersed with the ride portion.


This high-intensity class for all levels incorporates more of your favorite non-traditional cycling moves in a 45 or 60-minute session.

Your coach will lead you through every carefully choreographed beat of every song. Expect Latin, hip-hop, trap, house and your favorite pop hits. Leave your inhibitions at the door; it’s time to SWEAT!

Upon check-in, be sure to grab the appropriate hand weights.

FTP TESTING [45 min]

FTP or “Functional Threshold Power” sounds complicated but it really just means the highest effort you could sustain for a long period of time without burning out. This s is an estimation of the amount of work you are able to do in an hour. It’s far too difficult for most non-pro cyclists to test for an hour, so a 20-minute test was developed grab an approximation. Knowing our FTP gives us a good indication as to whether or not our efforts are too hard or – more importantly, and more common – too easy. Following an ample warm-up, your coach will lead you through the process of discovering your FTP so you may track  improvements to your fitness.


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