Co-Founder & Head Coach

Pop-aversive, her music style ranges from classical-music theme rides to cutting edge hip-hop, deep house & “misfit” 80s.


Sevana, an LA native, cord management expert and chihuahua-wrangling black belt, acquired several cycling certifications following a knee injury that ended a lustrous roller derby career. Her coaching style is a cross between Brene Brown & Susan Powter and can be relied upon to make you sprint uphill at every chance.

Sevana coaches a variety of classes at Ratio Cycling—her primary focus is on the Immersive Ride Experience and Functional Fitness classes focused on building strength. Her classes, while challenging, offer a great and fun workout for all levels of riders. Her goal is to “bring the ride inside”. She relies on metrics such as power, distance and Functional Threshold Power (FTP) to encourage her students to keep improving their fitness after each class.

Find her on IG: @sweatwithsevana


Senior Instructor & Ratio Ride + Build Coach

Expect female-fronted hip-hop, deep house and anything on DFA Records


Ben's an LA local whose way intense rides show you how real of a badass you truly are. Expect female-fronted hip-hop, deep house and anything on DFA Records. Outside Ratio, Ben's constantly adventuring to anywhere new. Inside Ratio, his current favorite, totally loco drills like HIIT Hill Sprints! Find him at the studio two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Find him on IG: @lightningzolt


Ratio Ride & Triple A Coach

Full throttle electronic dance hits + more!


Heather’s an LA native. Love electro dance hits and looking for a full-throttle class? She’s your gal! Jumps are always included, so you’ll get a core workout every time. When she’s not on a bike you’ll find her cooking something vegan or outdoors with her pup. Come sweat your stress out and leave with a smile.

“It’s perfectly ok to admit you’re not ok.”

Find her on IG: @hcorrea9


Ratio Ride Coach

wide variety of songs and styles, spanning decades and genres


Living in Los Angeles for over 20 years now, Jen considers L.A. to be her home. Being a lover of music she plays a wide variety of songs and styles, always keeping her riders engaged. Currently, her favorite song is Looking Too Closely by Fink. Being an actor off the bike Jen believes in the power of connection and discipline.

“Be true to you and spread your truth.”

Find her on IG: @jenchrisspins


Ratio Ride Coach

Hip-Hop, Trap/Dance, Oldies, & Old-School Remixes - Something for everyone on each playlist!


Originally from Yakima, Washington, Nicolette is an actor, dancer, singer, yoga instructor and a burlesque performer! If you are having a bad day, get your butt in her class. We guarantee it will turn around!

Her music is as amazing as she is! Expect Hip-Hop, Trap/Dance, Oldies, & Old-School Remixes - she likes to play something for everyone on each playlist.

Right now Nicolette is obsessed with anything Apashe, and is a huge fan of intervals, expect to experience A LOT of them in her class.

“If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!”.

Find her on IG: @nicoletteroux


Ratio Ride Coach

lots of hip-hop, guitar and synth-driven rock (especially NIN), along with feminist punk and post-punk


Nicole is a PNW native with a laid-back California vibe. A true-crime buff and podcaster, she’s fueled by endorphins and powered by rock. Nicole’s classes will encourage you to dig deep and come out the other side stronger. Expect lots of hip-hop, guitar and synth-driven rock (especially NIN), along with feminist punk and post-punk.  

“Be like a duck, calm on the surface but paddling like the dickens underneath”.

Find her on IG: @_nicatnight_


DSC_8127W (1).jpg

Ratio Ride Coach

pop hits and theme rides galore: latin beats, soulful sundays, motown getdown and so much more!


Amy hails from Newtown, Connecticut but has been in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. Her class in an energetic, fun ride filled with hills, runs and jumps. Be ready to break a sweat and work hard. She’s loves pop music but it’s not the only thing she will be playing! When she’s not in the studio, you can find her outdoors hiking, training for the LA marathon, acting and finding dogs to be friends with. Lately she has been loving anything by The 1975, so be prepared to hear some in class.

“Do something today that your future self would be proud of!”

Find her on IG: @thedoyle104


Ratio Ride Coach

Tina: EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop + Prince 💜


Tina is a San Francisco who has called Los Angeles home for nearly 10 years. A master instructor with six cycling and five Pilates certifications, Tina is driven by an innate desire to move people to achieve their personal best. Souls brave enough to attend will find Tina’s classes fueled by beats from today’s hottest DJs to Prince. On her days off, Tina is often found with her Dragon Cat, Morticia, and designing her next ride. As she tells her students:

“No challenge, no change.”

Find her on IG: @tina_orlando1


Ratio Ride Coach

Pop, Current & Old School HIP HOP + Remixes


Born in Burbank, educated in Chicago and now back in LA to offer her take on cycling fitness scored to Old School and New School Hip-Hop & dance remixes. Currently loving: laughing, being back in Southern California and En Love by Lizzo who gets her to her maximum wattage while being reminded to remain “in love with yourself even when the going gets toughest”. 

Find her on IG: @brigetteltalley

Studio Assistants



Say hi to Ashley on Monday & thursday evenings

Besides ride Ratio, what do you love to do? Absolutely love conscious lifestyle and going outdoors; biking, walking - hiking, nature, the beach, animals, love adventure, traveling, yoga. Foodie lover that nourishes! And lastly love doing those thing with my loved ones and dog.  

What’s your superpower? My kindness, unconditional love and compassion.

My most Recent Ratio Ride was with… Sevana (immersive video ride) Top 💯%!

Why do you ride Ratio? Love the teachers, the family atmosphere that the owners created and the friendliest staff.

Favorite track to ride to: one specifically I enjoy all since all the teachers have different styles for all tastes!

Any advice for beginners? Begin slow and don’t lose track or get demotivated. Just keep pushing and enjoy the ride! We are in it together!



Catch bianka on Monday & thursday evenings

Besides ride Ratio, what do you love to do? Eating tacos and going on hikes with my dog, Maya.

What’s your superpower? Writing reminders on the back of my hand!

My most Recent Ratio Ride was with… A kick-ass immersive ride with Sevana 

Why do you ride Ratio? To feel powerful 💥

Favorite track to ride to: Thong Song by Sisco (random I know haha) or Sicko Mode by Travis Scott/Drake

Any advice for beginners? Don’t give up. It does get harder but the feeling you get when you’ve completed a ride, knowing you gave it your all and pulled through, is priceless.



Ride with Colleen on Monday, wednesday & Friday Mornings

Besides ride Ratio, what do you love to do? Watch Dateline on the couch with my dog, avoid single use plastics, and find new hikes.

By day, I’m an…Improv Coach

What’s your superpower? Making lists on the backs of envelopes.

My most Recent Ratio Ride was with… Jen on Friday morning!

Why do you ride Ratio? It is the most fun, easy place and the vibe makes me feel strong.

Favorite track to ride to: Any 90's Hip Hop, "Pony" is a great climb

Any advice for beginners? Remember: you're a badass and every day you're getting stronger!



Hi-five heylee on THURSDAY MORNINGS

Besides ride Ratio, what do you love to do? I love to hike, and I love watching FRIENDS. I also enjoy a refreshing beer (especially outdoors)!

By day, I’m a… Child Therapist 

What’s your superpower? Being a Latina woman 

My most Recent Ratio Ride was with… Heather’s 6am Triple A!

Why do you ride Ratio? Ratio is inclusive and it feels like more than just a cycling studio, everyone feels like family. I’ve built relationships with our regulars that I don’t take for granted.

Favorite track to ride to: This one is hard but I’d have to say whenever a Reggaetón/Spanish Trap track comes on, my legs suddenly feel twice as strong.

Any advice for beginners? At first your butt will hurt but in the long run your butt will thank you 🍑🙏🏽



Besides ride Ratio, what do you love to do? Hiking and spending time with family 

What’s your superpower? Compassion to every living thing. Animals, plants, all human beings.

Why do you ride Ratio? All egos are left outside, and every ride fuels you with motivation and empowerment with the support of the instructors

My most Recent Ratio Ride was with: Hip Hop Happy Hour with Nicolette!

Favorite track to ride to: Old school hip hop

Any advice for beginners? Don’t let fear stop you. You’re stronger than you you think!



Zhenya is also CO-FOUNDER & CFO so you’ll see her quite a bit!

What do you love to do? I love to cook! My wife enjoys elaborate meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I’m not cooking, you will find me immersed in a DIY project.

What’s your day job? By day, I am a fundraiser at the American Red Cross. By night, I crunch numbers as a CFO at Ratio Cycling. You will often find me helping out around the studio as well

What’s your superpower? My problem solving skills. Don’t try to come to me with a problem to simply seek compassion—we are going to solve it! Though I’ve been focusing on learning to not have to solve every single problem and just be there sometimes :-).

My most Recent Ratio Ride was with: Probably one of Sevana’s classes last week

Why do you ride Ratio? Because my wife, Sevana, tells me to! But seriously, indoor cycling offers the most effective and efficient cardiovascular training, and I am fortunate to be able to take classes at Ratio.

Favorite track to ride to: “Only God Knows” by Young Fathers

Any Advice for beginners: Don’t be scared and use a seat cushion for your first few classes. We have them in the lobby—just ask the front desk. After a few weeks, you will be amazed by what your body is capable of. We will be there with you every step of the way, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. We will even spend some time with you 1:1 to make sure you are comfortable and know what to expect.