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Our Mission

At Ratio Cycling, the theory behind the Golden Mean is the foundation of our belief in interconnectedness – not just as a species but with everything in existence; from plants to mollusks to music to our very own galaxy. Finding balance in a world of constant flux is challenging.

To that end, our goal is to provide a space where the individual can join others in their quest for harmony and peak health. We achieve this through offering cardiovascular training and immersive cycling experience through state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. Through power training targeting cardiovascular improvement and physical strength, we take our clients on a journey toward reaching their untapped potential for athleticism.

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Our Founders

Sevana Draayer is a native Angeleno and has been coaching indoor cycling since 2015. She holds several certifications from Schwinn, RealRyder, Stages, and ICG, to name a few. She is also an outdoor road biking enthusiast and strives to “bring the ride inside” in her coaching style by employing power meters and cutting-edge music selections.

A former project manager, she’s long known she is not a “good corporate fit” and has been working toward building a boutique studio experience since her first certification. Sevana is a proud advocate for Body Positivity and decolonizing fitness across racial, gender and socio-economic boundaries.

Zhenya Levchenko, originally from Moscow, Russia, came to the U.S. 20 years ago as a student and has since been working in the non-profit industry. She loves Indoor Cycling and strongly believes in developing a robust 360° fitness program at Ratio Cycling.

Sevana and Zhenya are happily married and live with their three chihuahua children.

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Our Partners

In partnership with apparel company and champions of body positivity, Superfit Hero, you can find Ratio Cycling listed on the Body Positive Fitness Finder - a worldwide directory for individuals to identify trainers that are committed to inclusivity and acceptance of all body types regardless of size, gender identity or athletic ability.

Our partnership is one that guarantees you will never encounter a “diet-culture” in our studio. We will never subject our guests to before-and-after pics or any form of body shaming. Through years of research, we now know that diets don’t work. We are here to help you engage in joyful movement to increase your strength, happiness and vitality.

We workout because we love our bodies not because we hate them.