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a real-time in-studio data display and post-workout stats delivered directly to your inbox after every class to enhance your performance and deliver the results you crave.

Stop spinning your wheels without measurable results.

You wouldn’t reach for gym equipment without first checking its weight so why add resistance (gear) to your bike without understanding what the numbers represent? At Ratio Cycling, our goal is to provide you with the tools to increase your strength on (and off) the bike. Take the guesswork out of your workouts with RATIOMETRIX!



In-studio system receivers read the data generated by your assigned bike and project it onto a cinema-size screen. Each individual “tile” registers the wattage, RPM (leg speed), and MPH (miles per hour) of the corresponding rider.

Display as seen before and during PTP test from top to bottom: wattage, RPM, and MPH.

Display as seen before and during PTP test from top to bottom: wattage, RPM, and MPH.

Following a warm-up, each cycling class will include a three-minute hard effort to capture each rider’s output in watts. This number represents a benchmark or threshold, which defines your personalized training zones identified by five colors. Your coach will guide and motivate you throughout your Personal Threshold Power (PTP) effort to ensure a challenging yet rewarding workout. There is no pass or fail! You’re just setting the stage for maximum benefits so prepare to push past barriers you didn’t know existed!


Zone 1: Gray Displays before and during PTP test before threshold wattage is determined. Also displayed during non-active recoveries. If your tile is in color other than gray at the start of class, the system is reading your PTP score from your previous class. Since every class will re-test, these colors will not be reflected in your final workout result and you will have generated a new score. Feels like: Light, easy workload.


Zone 2: Blue Following the PTP test, the rider’s tile will display in blue when working well below threshold. This is typical during active recovery. Feels like: Light but manageable workload; like a brisk walk.


Zone 3: Green Indicates tempo work; something sustainable for an extended period but not necessarily “easy”. Feels like: Moderate but sustainable workload.


Zone 4: Yellow This zone is your threshold wattage as determined by your PTP test. It is your aerobic ceiling or your 100% (but it is possible to deliver more!) Feels like: Hard to very hard workload.


Zone 5: Red This zone is limited to intense intervals for short periods of time. Maintaining a red zone for intervals over one minute generally indicate a rider underperformed during their PTP test and are likely capable of a higher PTP score. Maximizing effort during Zone 5 will fatigue the body quickly but delivers great results when used sparingly and efficiently. Feels like: Very intense workload; anaerobic; more than 100%. aka: VO2 max.


Your PTP score represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 45 to 60 minutes (our test is shortened to 3-minutes), whether or not you're a trained athlete. Put another way, it is an estimate of your level of fitness and is used to cater the workload to a more personal level. If points were granted for high PTP scores this would be unfair to recreational riders and beginners because athletes would get the most points every time! By aiming for percentages of an individual’s maximum ability, everyone is able to work in the same zone relative to their own fitness level. For example, your coach may ask for a 30-second effort that will register your tile red. All riders will be in Zone 5 but each one will have a unique wattage and the zone achieved will be relative to their test results.

While there are no rules surrounding what anyone’s PTP should be, speak to your coach if you have questions or concerns. You can always reach our team by emailing us.


Upon checking in at the in-studio kiosk or choosing your bike online ahead of time, you will be given the opportunity to uncheck the “Show on TV today” option. This will not prevent you from receiving your emailed results. If you do not wish to receive emailed results, notify the front desk staff.

Logging into your RATIOMETRIX dashboard, allows you to customize your account page, add a screen nickname, upload a photo, track your points and update your preferences. While not required, getting the most accurate results depends on accurate biometric data such as height and weight. Personal data is never displayed in studio nor shared in any way.


Indeed. To keep our riders motivated, effective May 2019, each month will bring a new Challenge to inspire and motivate members! Points are awarded for each and every ride with a starting balance of 100 points for simply attending the class. Challenges are optional and can be opted out at any time by logging into your RATIOMETRIX dashboard. Prizes will be announced via newsletter (sign up below if you are not on our mailing list).