Strength Training

Regular exercise keeps us strong, and we now know that it can actually slow down the aging process. Cardiovascular exercise is incredibly important and good for us, but balancing it with strength training produces even better results and keeps us healthier long term. Maintaining muscle mass with strength training can help to prevent some of the most common and increasingly rampant health conditions, including obesity and diabetes.

Since our primary modality is cycling and our facilities don’t allow for expanding a robust strength training offerings, we’ve partnered with PN ProCoach to deliver virtual strength workouts to Ratio Cycling clients.

Ratio Annex: HIIT, Plyometrics + Strength


These small group 45-minute classes offer full body circuit workouts that build strength, improve conditioning and increase range of motion. We focus on proper form, while keeping the heart rate up for the duration of the class. Be prepared to be sore the next day or two, while burning fat and building lean muscle. The Ratio Annex is located at 1276 N. VAN NESS AVE, one block away or a 3-minute walk from the cycling studio.

PN ProCoach

PN Coach is an online platform that delivers daily strength-based workout recommendations along with nutrition and lifestyle curriculum. The workouts plans are designed to meet individual client needs and offer flexibility to do at home, at the gym or substitute for an indoor cycling class. The clients will be working with a Ratio Cycling staff member as their coach and use the online platform to access content, track progress and stay accountable. The workout module of the PN ProCoach integrates with the optional nutrition coaching program to deliver a comprehensive fitness solution.

Access to Ratio Annex and ProCoach platform are included with the Elite Membership or can be purchased a la carte. Class package holders can use individual classes for Ratio Annex workshops. If you have any questions, please email